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Baccarat Online

Baccarat is an extremely popular casino game here at Kaboo. Our live Baccarat games are the best in the business and playing here on our tables gives you an experience that is unmatched in the online community.

How to Playbaccarat

Baccarat can be played with many players at the same time, but it is also possible for just one player to play against the casino. The object of Baccarat is to reach a hand value of nine which is referred to as a Natural.

To begin the hand, bets are placed on either the banker or the player, and then the player and banker are each given two cards. The hand that is closest to the target of nine wins the hand.

Card Values

The low cards, or number cards from two to nine, are worth their face value. Tens and face cards are worth zero, and the Ace is worth one.

Hand Values

The value of your hand in Baccarat is the sum of all of the cards in your hand, however, there is a slight twist. Any hand equalling a number in the double digits, keeps only the digit on the right. So, a ten becomes zero, an eleven becomes one, and so on. It is important to point out that all hands that add up to multiples of ten, such as a twenty, are zero.


The two main bets in Baccarat are either on the banker or on the player. You bet on the outcome of a hand where there are two expected outcomes. It is possible for the banker and player to tie, but it is not wise to bet on the tie because it increases the house advantage.


Whether you are playing for fun or you want to try out your skills as a professional player, we have the table for you. Our Baccarat offerings are as good as you can get which you will quickly see upon joining a game. The experience and ambiance is unmatched and we guarantee that you will get the experience that you are after here at Kaboo.

Baccarat Infographic

Please feel free to use our infographic to learn the basic strategy of Baccarat. This will help and better your odds if you’re new to baccarat.

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