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Big Bad Wolf Casino Slot

The big bad wolf is back, ready to huff and puff and blow the wooden doors that guard the three little pigs. We all loved the devilish fairy tale in our younger years. Now we can play the same fairy tale in the form of a video slot. This time, the Big Bad Wolf will help us shake down the cute pigs for some cool cash.

A New Twist On An Old Tale

QuickSpin has taken all that we love about the classic tale and put a fresh spin on it. The visual layout offers a bright, colourful palette in tune with the fairy tale theme.

You have the slot set against the backdrop of an idyllic orchard, high up in the hills. Clear blue skies, soft green grass, and fresh produce appear in the background. There is a wooden hut that houses the pigs. The visual detail here is worth applauding. The straw roof with creepers running down the sides and a black chimney will pull you right into the game.

Mr. Wolf makes a comeback in a slick new avatar, replete with a stylish jacket, well-ironed pants, and a turtleneck shirt. Can he charm the pigs and get them this time round?

The pigs, as always, retain the cuteness quotient and the graphics just highlight this aspect. Each pig has a vocation in the orchard: one is a farmer, another a mason, and the third is a painter.
In the midst of the wolf and the pigs, a honeycomb makes a special appearance.

Good Fun, Serious Gameplay

For all of its fairy tale-inspired theme and characters, the game itself is a serious opportunity to line your pockets with handsome wins.
Get Mr. Wolf three times on the grid and you win 10 free spins. If you land three more of the same icon, you get 10 more free spins. Note that you will also be able to earn Echoes, which you can exchange for additional free spins.

The Swooping reels feature is the bonus game triggered by any winning combination. The winning symbols are then replaced by new icons. The game continues until the grid runs out of winning icons.

Enjoy A Classic

The Big Bad Wolf has returned…to help you win handsome rewards.

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