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Bingo Bonanza – Not Your Average Bingo

From Microgaming comes another enjoyable game in the form of Bingo Bonanza. This is a good game for those players who prefer a softer type game or surprisingly for those who like a lotto. Whilst the name suggests bingo, it is more a lotto game just with added balls. A fun looking game, it is full of bright red colours and can be played here at Kaboo for real money or as a demo game.

The centre of the game is a ball machine containing a large number of balls, six of which are drawn in each turn. Each of the balls has a coin value with low to high values available. All that’s needed is for two of the same value balls to pop out, and a payment is made in conjunction with the multiplier attached to that ball value.

Playing Bingo Bonanza

A simple game to play and enjoy, players can bet a range of 0.50 up to 10.00 per bet giving a nice betting range. Whilst the bets may seem small, this game has the potential to payout as much as 200.000. To play is simple. At the start of the game, players just need to make a bet. After placement, players simply press the play button and the ball machine will start spinning, churning out balls.

There are eight possible numbers but only six balls will roll onto the screen to be counted. Two matching numbers are required in order to gain a winning combination. The winning amount, as mentioned earlier, will be determined on the multiplier attached to the number, and also the wager amount placed at the start of the game by the player. After payouts are made, the game can begin again.

Is it Bingo or is it Lotto?

A fast paced game, despite its name it is in fact more akin to a scratch card game. Paying out instantly on wins, the graphics and sound effects are as good as should be expected from a Microgaming product. Available as a mobile game, Bingo Bonanza is an accessible game that can be played on the go. An easy game to understand, this is a good choice for those who like a little spin but find the more complex slots and virtual games somewhat of a challenge. For those players that need something gentle to while away the time, Bingo Bonanza could be an interesting option.

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