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Scatters in the Slots

Coming in a huge range of styles and themes, slots are some of the easiest casino games to play, hence their continuously growing popularity. Within a slot game there are a number of different icons. Each of these has different uses and functions, which are important to learn if playing . . . Read more

Slots and Their Wild Symbols

Whilst slots are a popular form of casino game, many of our players here at Kaboo don’t know how to utilize them to their full potential. This usually comes through not fully understanding what all the symbols mean and therefore not benefitting from a full payout. Wild symbols are important . . . Read more

Know Your Slots

Slots are one of the most popular casino games both on and offline. Whilst many people play these types of games, a vast number of them don’t actually understand all of the basics. An important part of slots are the bet lines or, as they’re more commonly known, paylines. These . . . Read more

Speaking the Slot Lingo

Players of all kinds, whether they are just starting out or they have been playing for a while can run into the odd word now and then that trips them up. An online slot machine, just like any other well-established casino game at Kaboo, also has its own set of . . . Read more

Get Sporty

There are many different themed slots available and a popular theme is that of sports. Many people dream of being great in sports but most never achieve that reality. Sports themed slots might allow players to win some of the trophies and prizes that they are otherwise unable to achieve. . . . Read more

Oh the Horror!

Slots come in all manner of different themes, from beaches and animals to action and fantasy. A large collection of slots follows the very popular horror theme, something that can vary between comedy and actual sudden frights. Kaboo.com offers a number of fun and thrilling horror slots for our players, . . . Read more