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Cloud Quest Casino Slot

It is quest time with Cloud Quest.
Play’n Go, an up-and-coming developer, has released a video slot that should definitely appease fans of RPGs (role playing games). There is the sense of adventure, action, and the thrill of winning the treasure.

Get your Dose of Action and Fun

The massive popularity of RPGs has finally found its way to the slots. It was just a matter of time before a developer picked up all the successful ingredients of an RPG and converted it into an equally successfully slot.

Cloud Quest is that slot.

Here you will find heroic characters, masterful villains, magical vials, and cryptic books. To add to the action, there are swords, daggers, and a shield. It’s time to put on your hero face and ride out to complete the quest.

Elaborate Visual Design

Play’n Go has devised an elaborate visual palette that serves as an ideal platform for the game. A tall, strong female character dressed in green and striking an action pose greets you. Behind her is a unique castle surrounded by clouds, which we think is appropriate considering the title and theme of the slot. The backdrop is rendered with sharp graphics and vibrant colours, setting the tone for the game.

Hero Icons

The RPG theme comes alive with the icons. The developers have paid special attention to character design and how they appear on the reels. The strong female character that welcomes you appears again as an icon. One look at her and you know she means business. Don’t try any tricks with her or you may just be pummelled to the ground.

The female character has a companion in the form of a slick, handsome swordsman. His ice cool gaze is testament to the fact that he will not hesitate to wield his weapon should there be any danger. He will probably sacrifice his life for the quest.

The character set is completed by a wizard who will definitely remind you of Orko from the popular He-Man cartoon. The dwarf wizard in the video slot, however, appears to have a meaner and stronger aura when compared to the lovable Orko.

The rest of the icons are made up of magic vials, special daggers, and protective shields. All of them are rendered in high resolution.

Hero Time

The action begins with the game play. Play’n Go has adapted the theme to provide a slot experience that is high on adrenaline. There is a power meter to the right of the screen that fills up when a special shield icon lands on the reel. The more icons on the reels, the more the meter will fill. This presents one of the most exciting facets of the slot. When the meter is full, you can choose one of four super powers.

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