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Dead or Alive Casino Slot

The wild, Wild West is back! Imagine stubble-faced cowboys, square-cut whiskey glasses, buxom women, and gun-slinging sheriffs out to maintain law and order. This wild spirit has been neatly packaged with enough thrills and excitement in the Dead or Alive video slot by Net Entertainment. Fans of the western will simply love the thematic trip, while those who are new to the genre will also be mesmerized by the game.

The West like Never Before

When we think of the West, there are certain images that spring to mind: gas lamps, wind mills, dust devils, and the saloon. The developers at Net Entertainment have tapped into the nostalgia associated with these symbols and created a visual palette that recreates that rich past.

Players will find themselves stepping into the saloon where all the action unfolds. They will find large shot glasses filled with sunset-coloured tequila, white cowboy hats, tall cowboy boots, leather belts fitted with guns, and a gold plated sheriff’s badge thrown in for good measure on the reels. All of these icons are placed on a wooden, saloon-style gable with the game’s title nailed on top in silver.

The game’s graphics will bowl you over, but the sound design too deserves a special mention. Gone is the usual, stereotypical music that is associated with the western. Instead, what we have are crystal clear sounds of the wind blowing, doors creaking, tumbling weeds, and birds chirping. The minimalist sound design only adds more allure to the game.

For the visual design alone, Dead or Alive is worth playing. But, as is common with all the great offerings from Net Entertainment, there is more than meets the eye.

Smokin’ Gameplay

The developers deserve full marks for creating a first impression that will make you want to try the game straight away. After you start with the first bet, you realize just how slick and easy the gameplay is.

The betting options are broad, attracting players with different risk appetites to come and try it out. You can be conservative and start out with the minimum bet of just 1 cent, or you can be bold and go all out with the maximum bet of $18 per spin. Whether you choose the minimum or the maximum, there is a good chance that you will walk away with one reward or the other.

The reason why players will find themselves rewarded often is because of the nine pay-lines of Dead or Alive. This maximizes your chances of striking it rich.

The game also offers a couple of special features. One of them is the auto button that sits almost hidden in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This allows you to set 100 spins. Then there is the Skill Stop button that manipulates the reels to create more winning combinations.

Step Right Up

Dead or Alive is another stellar offering from Net Entertainment that does not hold back in any aspect. Players will enjoy the trip down memory lane with this Western- themed video slot.

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