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Dolphin Gold Casino Slot

The serenity and splendor of the deep sea washes up on your screen with Dolphin Gold. The slot has everything to attract your attention. There are swimming dolphins and golden prizes for you to win. The time has come for you to leave land behind and take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of the ocean.

Deep Dive Ocean

The developers have certainly delivered on the theme’s potential. A calm, clear, deep blue sea greets your eyes as you load the game. The backdrop of the slot consists of a beautifully rendered ocean filled with the various hues of blue that one can see when they dive below water. To add to the effect, the top of the screen is laid out in a lush sky blue with a hit of sunlight trickling down below.
The deep sea theme is further entrenched visually with colorful, exotic coral reefs and shrubs. The left and right of the screen are splattered in a rainbow-like palette with dark shades of purple and violet complemented by the brighter shades of yellow, orange, and sea green.

Completing the visual palette is a treasure chest filled with gold coins and precious stones. It reminds you that there are riches to be won in this slot. A special mention to the lone coconut tree that appears in the top right of the screen. It adds just the right amount of quirkiness to the splendid ocean.

Marine Icons

The marine theme is carried further by the design team. They have opted to base the slot’s reels around the star of the show – dolphins – and other unique sea life.

The two most important symbols of the game, the Wild and the bonus are both represented by two beautifully rendered dolphins. One appears leaping before a shade of bright orange and the other before a shade of deep blue. The rest of the icons are equally attractive and feature a flatfish, a seahorse, a turtle, and tropical fish. The marine icons represent the higher value symbols whereas the lower symbols are represented by the face cards and the numbers 9 and 10.
There is not an inch of Dolphin Gold that is not visually resplendent.
Swimming with Wins

The deep sea, as we found out, has more than just exotic fish and shrubs. You can find handsome rewards as well. The slot lives up to its title by providing players with a rich array of wins. There are Wilds, free spins, and bonuses that you can lay your hands on with a little bit of luck. Then you have the multipliers as well that can boost your wins in absolutely no time.

The wins keep coming more often than not and will keep you hooked.

Dolphins will Show the Way

Take a swim with the dolphins. You may just find yourself winning one of the treasures that rest in the deep sea bed. Dolphin Gold is an exquisite game that is well worth your time and effort.

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