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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot from Betsoft is based on the 1886 popular novel of the same name. This slot contains five reels and three rows that amount to thirty paylines. The symbols all follow the theme of the story, they include; a policeman, lock and key, the house of Jekyll, a fireplace, green book, newspaper and of course Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. There are also some important bonus icons; the wild, which is the game logo and can only substitute for the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde symbols; and red and blue potion icons that need to be combined with other symbols in order to gain a payout.

Bonus Features

The first feature relates to the potions. Landing a red potion on reels two and four, with a Dr. Jekyll symbol in between, causes all Jekyll and Hyde icons to become Wild Hydes. The symbols will also become rearranged to create winning combinations. Blue potions need to be landed on reels two and four but with a Mr. Hyde symbol in the middle. This awards a random multiplier that can be as high as twenty times the bet total.

A second bonus is called the Frenzy Bonus. To trigger this, players need to land Hyde on reel two or four on each side of a wild. The player must then move Hyde to the right or left through London whilst stealing objects and dodging the police. This round ends if Hyde bumps into a policeman but the bonus can be as much as sixty six times the total bet. The third bonus is called the Potions bonus. Jekyll must be landed on reels two or four with a wild symbol in the middle. Players must then choose from a selection of potions and try to create a cure as fast as they can. The faster the cure is created, the bigger the prize.

The last bonus is the Free Spins. Just below the reels there is a meter that rises as players collect the red potions on the central three reels. At one hundred it is full and this is when the Free Spins round starts. An entertaining video clip shows Jekyll turning into Hyde and then the spins begin on a new set of reels. These spins will continue on until the player has managed to accumulate twelve blue potions in the meter. Hyde can then drink the potion and return to being Jekyll, thus ending the round.

Following the traditional tale, this slot is engaging and inventive. The guaranteed free spins make a good bonus, and an RTP of 96.17% with a low volatility add to the charm of the game.

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