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ELK Studios Casino Slots

ELK Studios began in 2012 as a game developer for online gambling. Their games list is comprised of virtual slots which are all original. It is clear to see that the development team wanted to carve out their place in the industry for originality by providing a fresh take on the traditional slot machine. That is not only apparent in the design, artwork, and themes of the slots, but in their mechanics as well.

Mobile First

A good indication that the company is fairly young is that much of their focus when designing new games is on the mobile market. While many other providers are still focusing primarily on the capabilities of a powerful PC to run their games, ELK Studios is trying to create a whole portfolio that is focused on mobile technologies. What does this mean for the player? Put simply, the games they provide are light enough to be played anywhere and on any device, making their products accessible to the growing number of people who do not even own a PC. ELK Studios understands that most computing in the future will be done on mobile devices and they will be ready for it when that happens.

Betting Strategies

ELK Studios makes it possible for rookies to bet like pros with their Betting Strategies feature. Many seasoned players employ a betting strategy or two to minimize losses but these generally take a good deal of time to perfect because of all the variables involved. Several strategies are built into ELK Studios games and can be turned on and off with the click of a button. For those who are not yet aware of what betting strategies are, they are changes in bets based on predetermined parameters, such as wins, losses, and streaks.


For players looking for a change of pace, games by ELK Studios are great choices. They offer fun and engaging gameplay as well as attractive interfaces that help keep you entertained spin after spin. There is a fantastic development team behind the ELK Studios’ games and we are sure that you will enjoy playing what they produce.