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Incinerator Casino Slot

Incinerator is a fantastic game that you are sure to enjoy. The game is created by the up and coming online gaming company Yggdrasil, which is shaking up the gambling scene with its creative new takes on old ideas. Incinerator is quite simple, but is fast-paced and easy to understand.

Look and Feel

Incinerator is very well designed and the graphics are great. It gives you the feeling of playing a regular video game at times because of the way it looks. To add to the futuristic, sci-fi ambiance that is created from the graphic design, animations that are well suited to the theme enhance the gaming experience. Everything is snappy and efficient, and the visuals give you the feeling of looking at the dashboard of your spaceship. One interesting thing that sets this slot game apart from its competition is that the reels do not spin. The symbols drop in from the top, and if three or more like symbols end up touching each other on a payline, they catch fire and disappear.

Game Features

The Wild Pattern feature is one of the most interesting elements of the game. On the left-hand side of the reels there is a box that lights up with different patterns during each spin. If you get three consecutive wins, the reels fill up with Wilds following the pattern in the Wild Pattern box. Sometimes it is just a few of them, but on other occasions you can get a lot of Wilds in the reels at the same time, making your chances of winning that much higher.

The wagering in the game is pretty standard. There are 20 paylines, and on each of them you can place a bet from one cent per coin to ten euros per coin. That makes the wagering range go from 20 cents to 200 euros per spin.


You will love playing Incinerator if you like a straightforward approach to your slot games. The modern graphics and mechanics of gameplay make the whole experience a snappy and fun one. Even with the simplicity of the game, the way that it is structured kept us engaged for the entire time.

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