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Jokerizer Casino Slot

The joker is in the house, and this time he brings a rich bag of wealth along with all the laughs. At the end of it, you could very well be grinning as wide as he. Yggdrasil has created a fun, entertaining video slot that plays like a breeze and takes you along with it.

A Classic Slot

The developers have stuck to a theme that they know works with a majority of the gambling audience: the old-school slot theme.
The Jokerizer opens with a fair in the background that will remind you of childhood rides and games. There are rollercoasters too that rise high in the night sky. The design work here is detailed even though the background is in soft focus. Sophisticated shades of blue, purple, violet, and a sombre yellow are used to add the right amount of colour and style to the graphics.

With a classic theme, the reels feature all the classic icons with which we are familiar: bells, cherries, lemons, grapes, and the seven icons. They are rendered in high resolution and appear big and bright on screen.

Where the game truly makes its mark is with its lead character, the Joker. As soon he appears on the reels, the game kicks into high gear.

Exciting Gameplay

Everything about the Jokerizer is simple but stylized. You will not find any fancy graphics or any brain teasing rounds. All you have to do is spin the reels and win. But if you get the joker, things get really interesting. To add even more excitement, you will be able to earn Echoes. Echoes can be converted into free spins, which give you even more opportunities to take home the gold.

If you land three joker icons, you stand to boost your winnings between 1.000 to 6.000 coins. Land three of the icons on consecutive reels- horizontally or diagonally – and the win is an assured 6.000 coins. So, if you bet 20 cents per pay line, you end up with a cool €1.200 in your pocket. And there is more.

Apart from the normal game mode, you can play the Jokerizer mode. Here the special joker icon will appear more frequently. The thing to consider is that the wins are 20 to 6.000 coins.

Laugh And Win Big

The Jokerizer will have you laughing all the way to big wins.

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