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Jurassic Park Casino Slot

If a film is iconic, then chances are there is a slot based on it, and few films are as iconic as Spielberg’s dinosaur-laden 1993 classic. But while everyone can acknowledge the greatness of the movie, for gamers the real question is whether the slot can stand up to its source material.


As far as gameplay is concerned, Jurassic Park has a fairly typical five reels and 243 paylines. It also contains enough dinosaur-related extras to populate the Triassic period, at least. The game includes both Wilds in the form of the Jurassic Park logo and Scatters in the form of amber-embalmed mosquitos.

Special Features

In addition to the Wilds and Scatters is the alert feature – a T-Rex sighting means that the next six spins will produce an additional 35 Wild symbols – a pretty lucrative addition. T-Rex sightings are relatively rare, however.

Three or more Scatters will trigger one of five different free spin modes, which are randomly chosen at the beginning, but later on, you can decide which they want. Each mode is based on a particular dinosaur and offers 12 free spins, Echoes, and a bonus.

  • T-Rex mode – includes Wilds, plus any T-Rex symbol that appears is stacked and gives a guaranteed win.
  • Velociraptor mode – includes split Wilds, offering more chances to win, also offers Multiplier Wilds that do what the name implies by 4x, 5x or 6x.
  • Brachiosaurus mode – games feature a mystery multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x for a random number of games.
  • Triceratops mode – Running Wilds increase their stack on each spin, and can also offer free respins. These stacks also hold.
  • Dilophosaurus mode – introduces Winning Wilds, where a Dilophosaurus spits at a symbol not only turning it into a Wild but also making it remain wild until a winning combination is reached.

In addition to the special features, which Jurassic Park offers, you have the opportunity to earn Echoes. Echoes can be traded in and exchanged for free spins.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Microgaming’s Jurassic Park offers beautiful graphics and a 96.67 % RTP, making the medium variance slot on par with its competition. The features of the game give you the chance to win tremendous rewards, though it should be noted that a big win is not guaranteed. The payouts can be huge or tiny, with little middle ground, making the slot a gamble in the purest of senses.

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