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Lights Casino Slot

With a title like Lights, one can expect a gorgeous, visually stunning video slot. And that is exactly what Net Entertainment has delivered. There is, perhaps, not a better looking game around – everything about it is simply breath-taking.

Welcome to a Most Magnificent Light Show

Just when you thought that you had seen it all from Net Entertainment in terms of stunning graphics and visual layouts, they go ahead and surprise you once again. Such is the striking imagery of Lights that you will indeed find it hard to peel your eyes away from the screen.

What the developers have got spot on is the execution of the theme. It would have been very easy to just put together a few sparkles here and there and present it to the playing audience. But no; Net Entertainment builds an eye-pleasing landscape as the ideal setting for their slot offering.

Invoking the Orient

Few cultures get the visual aesthetic of lights as the Orient. With colourful lanterns and extravagant night lamps, the culture pays almost a ritualistic deference to them. The developers have used this to sprinkle the screen with one pristine symbol after another. There are beautifully rendered shaded lanterns and ornate lamps in exotic designs that float beside other symbols.

Creative Design at Its Very Best

The opening of Lights sets the benchmark for what you can expect. A firefly flits across the screen and lands on the game’s logo that lights up. Next, you are treated to a landscape where a soft sunlight illuminates a distant horizon. Snow-capped hills majestically occupy the background with a quiet, still lake in the foreground.

The reels that you see on screen are unlike any other that you may have encountered. The usual visual code is to have solid columns that differentiate one reel from the other. In Lights, the developers have taken an out-of-the-box approach by using long lantern tails to create the separate reels. This only adds to the visual spectacle of the video slot, creating a rich Oriental experience you can’t wait to immerse yourself in.

The excellent and elaborate visual design of the game is enhanced by a serene background score. You have the soft buzz of the fireflies and the calming sound of the gong that rings when you win a bonus.

Unique Design, Unique Gameplay

The thing about Lights is that the visual design finds its way into the gameplay as well, adding to the excitement. You can expect a Wild icon to appear with each spin. This is brought on by fireflies that flit around the reels, transforming the normal icons. There are scatter icons as well that award free spins that range from 10, 20, to 30.

A Must Play Video Slot

Lights is a unique video slot that must be experienced. The game does not have an adrenaline filled style, but a more calming, peaceful influence that will take you on a memorable experience.

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