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Nirvana Casino Slot

Who does not wish to attain Nirvana? It’s the absolute bliss and peace that cocoons us from the vagaries and insecurities of this world. Many a spiritual master has said that the path to inner peace is long and tough. Nothing less than absolute dedication will help you achieve it.

Creative and quirky video slot producers, Yggdrasil, may have just found an alternate, albeit fun way to help you on your journey with their very own Nirvana.

Blend of Spirituality and Slots

We never thought that we would be talking about spirituality and slots in the same breath. But that’s exactly what Yggdrasil has done. The developers are surely rising to the very top of the video slot universe by releasing unique offerings such as Nirvana.

Step right into a world where calmness and serenity will wash over you like a fresh, refreshing spring. Your senses will be comforted with soothing chants and peaceful symbols. You will find all the major sects that encourage self-realization right on your screen: from Buddhism, to Hinduism, to even Norse mythology.

With a theme like spirituality, it would have been easy to go overboard. Yggdrasil maintains a balance between the spiritual and entertainment elements.

Exotic Visuals

It is now becoming a signature of Yggdrasil to release slots that are rich in visual texture and tone. With Nirvana, they have not only followed a similar pattern, but have also raised the stakes a notch or two. They have adapted the theme to beautiful effect, presenting a visual palette of colour that sets a serene mood. You will find pleasant hues of violet and purple, which gently meld into one another in the background. An ornate gold frame subtly borders the game screen providing a neat, clean order to the visual elements within. Presenting the reels without ordered rows is a signature effect that the developer has repeated with this video slot.

Enigmatic Reels

The visual flourish of the reels showcases the absolute skill and expertise of Yggdrasil. The stand-out icon that you will probably drool over is a phoenix rendered in lush shades of yellow and orange. The icon projects a majestic, royal impression. Then you have other exotic creatures, which only deepens the sense of mysticism.

A Rewarding Path to Bliss

Nirvana’s game play is as elaborate as its visual design. Players are guided along the way with the pros and cons of each option explained. The free spins, triggered by an elegant lotus symbol, presents easy chances for the players to maximize their luck. You stand to win more free spins plus more coins in your bankroll if you land 4 or 5 lotus symbols.

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