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Odd One In-Beating All the Odds

The game Odd One In stands out from the other casino games as it inculcates the features of both the card game and the roulette wheel. The game is played with the same deck of cards which are used in most card games, but the betting is on numbers similar to the roulette wheel betting table layout, and just like with roulette the bets are placed randomly and based on luck.

Learning the Game

The game, an offering from 1X2 Gaming, is an interesting game that can keep the gamer busy on their computer for many hours. In this game a gamer needs to bet on the two cards that he is dealt. However, as the name suggests the gamer is offered only odd numbered betting options. The betting ranges vary from a paltry 0.10 to a maximum of 200.00. Once the gamer predicts the numbers on the two cards based on his skill, practice, reason, or perhaps ability to predict the future, the dealer will display the two cards to the gamer. If the total matches one of the bets that the gamer has made then the gamer wins according to the bet. A new bet can be placed by the gamer and the game continues.

Betting Options

In the layout that is loaded on to the screen a gamer can bet either small or big odd numbers on the top row. Only double odd numbers such as 3&5 or 5& 7 can be bet on in the middle row. While these two rows have many betting options betting on the last row is quite a tricky one. Single odd numbers can be bet on and the game offers a 75 for 1 payout for the number 3.

The Odd Game at Kaboo

At Kaboo we offer an extensive list of games for our players, and the table games section includes games like Odd One In in the Insta play mode. As Odd One In is a table game it can be played for free so that player can get the hang of the game and all the betting options before making a deposit and playing for real money.

The unusual yet simple game makes use of no significant strategy or skills. With a straightforward and interesting game play and an acceptable 97.70% return to player percentage the game is enjoyable for most players.

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