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Pixie Gold Casino Slot

Lightning Box Games has once again teased gamers with Pixie Gold; an ultra- modern gamer’s dream that can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or PC. A well-received casino game with an astounding 1296 paylines.


Reelfecta, one of the more prominent features of the game, consists of 16 centrally located symbols, allowing you to access winning combinations with more ease. These 16 symbols are positioned on a solitary reel that makes it easier to create 3-symbol combinations, which can be used in combination with reels 1 and 2. It is not without possibility to generate 4 and 5 symbol combos, providing you get identical symbols in the minor right hand columns, as well. It is entirely possible to fill the entire Reelfecta with a single symbol, and this offers monumental winning chances.

The number of different symbols located on the reels takes some time to get use to and can be a bit cumbersome to navigate. However, once the salient points of the game are grasped, the complexities will seem trivial in comparison to the possibly vast winning potential.

What you need to know

In Pixie Gold the enchanted forest is littered with magical creatures. The Pixie Spin feature is the main feature in this slot, and is engaged when the King Star symbol appears above a cart; a cart, no less, being pulled by a mouse. The Pixie Spin feature allows you to get 1 re-spin, along with other features like the fairy wild. Wagers begin at 50 cents and reach a peak of €100 per spin. The unusual platform design disguises 5 reels and a central column to emulate an 8-reel play platform. Additionally, in your hunt for free spins, you can complete missions to earn as much Echoes as you want. Echoes is a “currency”, which allows you to trade them in, to earn more free spins.

The visual aesthetics of Pixie Gold are pleasing. Toadstool houses, ladybugs, and a king that looks none too impressive, among others. It’s simple to look at, but not so simple to navigate. All in all, the entertainment value is stupendously high and the payouts are reasonably achievable.

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