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Play’n GO Casino Slots

Play’n GO is a casino software development company that supplies online casinos with both games and Back Office services. Play’n GO started in 2004 and has since become very popular among industry-leading casino providers. While much of their content is focused on virtual slot machine development, the company does a whole lot more. They offer a wide range of other types of popular casino games in both virtual and live formats, as well as a large variety of other smaller games that are becoming very popular in the mobile market.


Play’n GO’s gaming software is built on the HTML5 framework making it fully scalable and cross-platform. Whether you want access to lightweight games which are easily played on the smartphone platform, or fully featured products that are usually best on desktop computers and laptops, the gameplay experience is the same.

Bespoke Gaming

The multi-platform and ability to play the game comfortably on any device is not where the customization features stop. The people behind Play’n GO pride themselves on their ability to provide every one of their clients with a unique experience as a result of their fluid software solutions. Play’n GO takes the desires and needs of their clients very seriously and they have developed their offerings with complete customization in mind. If you think the Play’n GO games look or feel different here at Kaboo compared to what you’ve seen elsewhere, chances are you are seeing the customization options at work.

For example, if two casino operators are running the same software, it is likely that the look and feel will be different on each site. That is great news for the casinos, but it also helps keep the games interesting for the players who play at more than one casino.


Play’n GO games are fun and interesting and they can be played on any device. The Swedish company offers a host of other services to enable us to run a modern, competitive casino that is able to maintain satisfied customers while offering a wide range of gaming options including slots, black jack, baccarat, video poker, scratch, and video bingo. There is something for everyone at Play’n GO.