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A Premier Version of Roulette

For players looking for table game versions of Roulette, Kaboo currently offers Premier Roulette, designed and run on the software produced by Microgaming. Premier Roulette has become a popular version of the game for both newbies and experienced old hands alike.

European vs. American

It is a European version, meaning that the table has the usual numbers that go from 1 to 36, but unlike the American version it has just one zero segment instead of the zero and the additional double zero. What this means for players is a slight improvement on their RTP because the house doesn’t have the edge that it does when there is a double zero.

The Design

The visual effect of the design is pleasing to the eye, the table looks real and the numbers are easy to see. The layout of the game is easily understandable for veteran players, and straightforward enough for newcomers to adapt to. The Roulette wheel is the focus and takes up the center, above the betting table. The betting racetrack sits to the left, where you will also see various betting options which are similar to those found in French roulette. In the bottom right hard corner you will find the play button. In the top left corner players will find settings like game speed, while in the top right players can locate the game history. For those players who like to follow a strategy like the Martingale it can be very convenient to be able to see the game history laid out on the screen so plainly.

The Betting

Simple bets are easy, simply select a chip size and place the bet. There is a racetrack on the left-hand side of the table, and this lays out more complex betting options, such as bets relating to neighbouring positions on the wheel. The options on the racetrack are Les Orphelins, Tiers Du Cylindre, and Voisins Du Zero, as well as Red Splits, and Black Splits.

For advanced betting, players can click the small expert button on the bottom of the screen to find more options. The extra betting options that are found in the expert mode are part of the reason that Premier Roulette has become one of the more popular versions of roulette. Players enjoy being able to place bets that are a bit more adventurous rather than just sticking to the usual bets on single numbers or colours.

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