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Roulette the American Way

American Roulette is a virtual roulette game from Net Entertainment. The opening sequence is a stylish and well animated slide along a large spinning roulette wheel before the animation comes to a stop at a roulette table. The interface is exactly as it would be in a land-based casino. The betting table is a deep blue with the standard bets – inside and outside, clearly displayed.

The roulette wheel itself is in that top centre of the screen, and comes with a total of 38 pockets as it contains the extra double zero pocket not seen in European roulette. The chips, the spin button, and other function buttons are all placed at the bottom of the screen making easy access. A large display on the top right shows hot and cold numbers, as well as the previous wins.

How to Play American Roulette

American Roulette is played exactly as roulette is played at a land-based casino. Players simply need to select the chip size they would like to wager and click on the betting table where they would like to place their bet. The betting range is from 1.00 all the way up to 500.00 catering to a wide range of budgets.

Betting options include the full inside and outside betting. Outside bets are offered in sectors or groups of number such as odds and evens, red or black, and in sectors of columns or blocks. These are all slightly lower level bets paying out at 2 to 1 or 3 to 1. The higher paying bets are featured on the inside bets and include such options as straight – a bet on a single number, a split – a wager placed on two numbers and a Street which is a bet made on three numbers, just to name a few. An RTP of 94.74% ranks it as one of the higher games though it is slightly lower than its European counterpart and this gives it a midlevel variance.

Apart from a hefty selection of useful statistics that can aid betting choice, there are no special features with this game. As it is roulette there is also no jackpot in any form, rather any potentially large wins will be because of the player only.

American roulette is an easy game to play, however it is a game based on luck rather than skill. Available here at Kaboo.com, it can also be played as a demo game allowing players to play it and check out its features thoroughly before deciding whether or not to play this game any further.

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