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Scatters in the Slots

Coming in a huge range of styles and themes, slots are some of the easiest casino games to play, hence their continuously growing popularity. Within a slot game there are a number of different icons. Each of these has different uses and functions, which are important to learn if playing slots a lot.

What is a Scatter Symbol?

A scatter symbol is a form of bonus icon. It is usually used to open a specific bonus feature from the game. However, the good thing about a scatter is that they only have to appear somewhere on the reels for a bonus to be activated. Unlike other icons, they do not need to be lined up in order to function. They usually trigger free spins or mini games when acquired. One of the higher paying symbols in a slot game, they are always represented by a very specific image that is usually the slot game logo or something equally identifying.

How Does a Scatter Work?

A certain number of scatter icons are usually required to activate an extra feature. This can be anywhere from three to five, though each game is different. Games will usually specify how many are required for bonus activation. Whilst most games use scatters in this fashion, it should be noted that not all slots do and some scatters are simply used to payout a bigger amount during a winning combination of other symbols. This is usually the case on simpler more traditional slot styles such as three reel slots.

For those new to slot games that are maybe unsure as to whether the game has one, it is easy to find out. Simply head to the pay table of the slot; this will then provide information on all the symbols in the game including the scatters and other bonus icons complete with full information on the slot game. Checking out the pay table prior to playing the game is considered to be a good idea as it give a more complete understanding into how the game works, which icons work in what combinations, and more.

At Kaboo we have plenty of slots that feature scatter symbols, such as the visually pleasing Butterfly Staxx from NetEnt. At the end of the day, a scatter symbol is a useful icon to recognize in any game. They provide access to bonuses and can offer higher payouts when found in a combination with other symbols.

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