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Slots Explained – Multiplier

Whilst it can be fun to take a relaxed spin on a slot machine from time to time, it is helpful to know what all the terms mean and what all the options are during game play. One very important feature in slots is that of the multipliers.

Understanding how these work and where they can turn up can greatly help winning potential.

All about Multipliers

Multipliers are extras features within a slot game that have the ability to increase winnings by a set figure. They are very common though not all slots have them. Multipliers can have a range of different values, from just doubling or tripling a win all the way up to 100x or even 1000x. Some offer easy rules on how to win or gain them whilst others have more complex procedures. In addition to this, some of the multipliers are only available in bonus or free spins rounds rather than offered in the base play of the game. It is important that players check the rules of each game as some multipliers affect the win, and others go towards line bets or total bets. All of the information for a particular game can be found in the pay table of each game.

Where to Find Multipliers

For the vast majority of slots, multipliers are not found in the base game. This is not to say that they can’t be found here. Many slots do offer multipliers at this point, but many of this type of multiplier will only multiply the value of the payline that creates the win.

Activating a bonus feature such as the free spins is usually the best place to find good multipliers. More games do this in order to make the free spins round feel more special and this is done by including multipliers. Some games even use different symbols to separate the multipliers from other value symbols in the base game. Some free spins games offer the player the choice of choosing the multiplier from amongst some hidden icons. Usually this type of multiplier acts on all winnings made during this round by a set number. Occasionally a wild symbol will also double as a multiplier. Scatters also sometimes turn up as a multiplier. These are usually good to have as they don’t have to be in line with other symbols, merely somewhere on the reels to apply.

Wherever a player acquires a multiplier, the main aspect to check is whether it carries over to overall winnings or only affects that particular bet.

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