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Slots and Their Wild Symbols

Whilst slots are a popular form of casino game, many of our players here at Kaboo don’t know how to utilize them to their full potential. This usually comes through not fully understanding what all the symbols mean and therefore not benefitting from a full payout. Wild symbols are important when it comes to slots as there are many different forms and functions that they can take.

Essentially a wild symbol is the equivalent to a joker in a pack of cards. It can become any symbol from the game (bar the scatter or other bonus icons) and joins with other symbols to form winning combinations. In some games this goes even further and wild icons can be valued all on their own, and are quite often the highest value symbol.

Types of Wild symbols

The different uses that are related to the wilds depend on the particular slot being played. The wild described thus far is considered to be the ‘standard’ wild but there are a number of others that exist and offer varying different bonuses.

One of the common wilds is the Expanding Wild. This means that a wild landing on the reel will grow and take up the entirety of the reel. This will make every icon in that reel a wild one and thus offer bigger payouts. Sticky Wilds stick in place after they have appeared on a reel and will remain in place even when the reel is spun again. The benefit of this is obvious as it increases the chances of more winning combinations for the player. Shifting Wilds are similar to Sticky Wilds, but instead of remaining in one spot on the reel, they shift horizontally onto the next reel after each spin until they disappear off the last reel. Stacked Wilds will appear on top of each other on one reel and will continue until they fill an entire reel.

No Guarantees

All wilds, whether the standard one or any of the others mentioned above, will simply aid the player in increasing their chance of making a win. All wilds appear completely at random so there is no way of knowing if and when they will land on the reels. It is worth a mention that in many games wilds will only appear on certain reels for the game duration so it is important to check pay table information prior to starting a new game.

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