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Speaking the Slot Lingo

Players of all kinds, whether they are just starting out or they have been playing for a while can run into the odd word now and then that trips them up. An online slot machine, just like any other well-established casino game at Kaboo, also has its own set of terminology.

The better slot players learn these words and phrases the more comfortable they feel while playing, because there are no questions or doubts hanging over their heads about whether or not they understood things correctly.

Here is a short list of some of the most common words and phrases used in the industry to get you started.

Bonus Feature: Any extra mode or feature that is unlocked during gameplay to assist the player in making more money or having more fun.

Cascading Reels: A design feature that allows the symbols to drop into the reels from the top, as opposed to spinning around.

Coin Size: The amount of money that has been put on each coin. Coin size is the same as coin value.

Coins: All bets made in slot machines are done via coins. Whichever currency is being used, coins are purchased for play.

Expanding Wilds: A type of Wild symbol that expands to cover more than one symbol space of the reels. Depending on the game, these can expand in different ways, but they always increase the chances of getting winning combinations.

Free Spins: The spins that are free for the player. Free Spins are granted to players through promotions or by getting Scatter symbols during gameplay.

Jackpot: The highest possible win that a player can get from a slot machine. The amount varies greatly from machine to machine, and not every video slot has one.

Line Bet: The total amount wagered on each of the Paylines.

Max Bet: When a player bets all of the possible coins, at their highest value, and on all the available paylines. There are sometimes benefits to betting the max amount.

Multiplier: When a win is multiplied by a certain number. Many Wilds and Scatters serve as multipliers, as well as many bonus games.

Progressive Jackpot: Similar to a Jackpot, but in this case the jackpot grows as more players deposit money into the slot game. The progressive jackpot is generally much bigger than a standard jackpot

Scatter Symbol: Almost every game has a Scatter symbol, and they are usually used to trigger Free Spins.

Sticky Wilds: Wilds that stay where they land until a predetermined event takes place.

Wild Symbol: A symbol that takes the place of almost every other symbol on the reels and helps players get winning combinations.

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