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The Beginning of Slots

Slot machines are an integral part of almost every single gaming establishment in the world, whether it is land-based or online. The variety that comes from these machines is impressive in that there is something for almost every type of player. What’s even more interesting is all of the unique styles of play that they each have to offer. However, for all the variation that these games offer today, they had pretty humble beginnings.

The First Machine

Back in 1899, in San Francisco, the very first slot machine was designed to make payouts on winning combinations in coins rather than candy or tobacco products. The name of this machine was Liberty Bell and it was the starting point of an era. The inventor of the machine, Charel Fey, had no idea about the revolution in gambling that he had inadvertently created, but after seeing the success of his first machines he probably had an inkling that the idea was going somewhere.

The First Land-Based Casino Slots

The first land-based casino slot machine was produced by a company that is probably familiar to a lot of people. Bally is officially the oldest name in the slot machine business as we know the machines today. The first of these classic slots that was developed by Bally was called Money Honey, and it was released in the mid-1960s. There were several others to follow in the same time period as this one, and other companies began to get involved as well, making the 60s a decade to remember when thinking about where it all started.

Online Slots

Looking back at those now historic games, you can easily see that a lot has changed. Online slots are now far more popular and widespread than their machine cousins, and the possibilities that the digital age has brought to the industry has revolutionized the way we think of slot machines in general.

Looking at some of the modern titles that you can find here at Kaboo, with grand themes, ever improving graphics, and multiple ways to play, you can see how much the industry and the slot machine culture have changed over the years. With games like Starburst, Fairytale Legends, and Vikings go Berzerk gracing the shelves, it seems that the days of the old-time slot machines are all but finished.


While it is always interesting to look at where things have come from, it can be even more intriguing to think about where things are going. In today’s casino industry, the pace at which advancements are being made is very fast, and it will be very interesting to see what the slot machines at Kaboo will look like 50 years from now.

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