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A Trip to the Gift Shop

The free-to-try online slot machine, Gift Shop, is now available to play here at Kaboo. The slot comes from the popular software developers Play’n GO and sports a classic theme. There are three reels that the four different symbols spin around on and depending on different combinations of these symbols any number of interesting prizes can be won.


Gift Shop is pretty easy on the eyes as far as classic jackpot slots of this type go. While some of them offer a completely chaotic appearance that boggles the mind when looking at them, Gift Shop is clean and simple, making it good for those just looking for a bit of a purist experience. The background is purple and is decked out with stars, and the Gift Shop logo is boldly placed above the reels, although it is not at all intrusive due to the colour balance that the developers chose, and to the right of the reels there is the pay table that shows the different possible payouts and symbols that can be expected.


To play this slot, there are just a couple of things that a player would want to keep in mind. One is that for a chance at the jackpot, all three of the possible coins need to be wagered. Luckily, there is a “Bet Max” button which takes the work out of making that happen. As there is no other option other than to choose the number of coins to bet, going high or low is simple. To make things even easier there is an auto play option that allows players to set up a set number of spins without worrying about keeping up with the machine. That makes this a good option for the multi-taskers among us who like to have several machines going at the same time.

Gift Shop Jackpot

One of the biggest draws to this gift shop is the jackpot. By betting all three of the available coins in this slot machine, players become eligible to win the jackpot which usually sits at quite large numbers. When the combination of three of the top symbols and the max bet comes into play, this simple game pays out nicely.

Is This Shop Worth the Trip?

If you like a no-nonsense slot machine that doesn’t confuse matters by adding a bunch of bells and whistles, this might be a good option for you. In a world of ultra-complex video slots, titles like this one surprise by showing just how simple these games can get, but that surprise is quite welcome to many types of players.

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