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Video Poker

In the midst of the current IT-revolution, entertainment industries are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon in efforts to capitalize on the vast opportunities that technology brings. No industry has done it better than that of online video poker. A game that gained fame in the 19th century, in the riverboat casinos of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana can now be played virtually everywhere, anytime, and with everybody.

Poker Today

Indeed, with the help of internet and mobile technology, poker is a game that has transformed from a purely table-based means of entertainment to a hugely popular virtual experience which is played across the globe. Poker fans can enjoy the game through video-slot machines which offer virtual opponents as opposed to a real human in a traditional face-to-face table setting. The focus of video poker is on the cards and hands dealt without having to worry about everyone else at the table.

How to Play

In video poker, the player starts with five face-down cards. Upon seeing these five cards, the player has to decide what kind of bet to place. As video poker is primarily about the deck, the betting system does not rely on the human interaction that exists in the traditional game variant. When the bet has been placed, players may choose to hold on to all of their cards, some of them, or none of them. Any cards not held are traded for new ones. Winnings are based on the standard poker payouts formed by the player’s five final cards.


If you are looking for a game of poker with almost no distractions or unnecessary extra bells and whistles, video poker is a great place to be. The simplicity and predictable outcomes have played their part in making this game one of the most popular video gambling options around.