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Vikings Go Wild Casino Slot

The one word that comes to mind when we invoke the mighty spirit of the all-invading Vikings, is adventure. And that is exactly what Yggdrasil has in store for you with their slot game based on the famous raiders.

Long Boats and Beards

Yggdrasil Gaming would be the natural developer for a slot game with this theme, seeing as they’re already named after the Vikings most favourite tree – Yggdrasil, the world tree that connects the nine worlds together. That they have chosen to focus on what really mattered to the Vikings comes as no surprise – after all, raiding and pillaging isn’t the most flattering legacy.

Normally, anything Viking-themed tends to focus on fighting and looting. This game, however, puts you out at sea, in the characteristic longboats that truly made the Vikings what they were. Above anything, these people were sea farers, after all.

Visually, the game has the 3D-style Yggdrasil has become known for. Animated, sleek and extremely user friendly.

Meet the crew

The longboat is crewed by four rugged Vikings, including a handsome shield-maiden. Three more normal symbols are included for diversity, in the form of coins. Together, these seven symbols comprise the standard game – collect three or more of any and receive an immediate pay-out.

But you can also create even bigger combinations with the clearly marked wild symbol, which substitutes the other normal symbols. And, finally, to make it a true adventure you can enter the free spins mode, where the sea monsters are big and wins even bigger.

And what would a slot game be without a random sprinkling of extra wins on top? In this game, it’s the treasure chest. It might suddenly pop up and present you with wonderful gifts of free spins and extra coins. Both of which Vikings have cravings for.

Northern Style Swashbuckling Bets

With a stroke of strictness very uncharacteristic for Vikings, the pay-lines are locked to 25. Of course, that’s what most players prefer, so all in all not surprising. This game is perfected for long hours of fun for any wallet size and this is also reflected in the bet amounts: from €0.25 all the way up to €100. Yggdrasil slots usually operate with an RTP of ~96% and this slot game is no exception.

For an extra kicker, while collecting Viking crew, coins and generally living the Viking dream, there’s an included bonus mode. Three or more of the Free Spins symbol takes you into this mode, visualised by monster tentacles attacking the figure heads of your trusty longboat. Every Viking that survives the onslaught turns into a sticky wild, which means they stay on the reels until the free spins are spent.

Best of both worlds

This well-made and well thought out Viking slot game will have you entertained for hours with whatever budget you decide on – just set the right coin amount and you’re off. The free spins mode perfectly brightens up your day once in a while, without the game being overshadowed by it. This game is definitely wild in terms of entertainment!

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