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Witch Pickings Casino Slot

All Hallows Eve usually brings out the ghouls and goblins, the princesses and the frogs, but every day of the year NextGen brings out Witch Pickings. It’s the intrigue of the unknown that makes us all revel in the delight of this simplistic yet spectacular online casino game. Witch Pickings graphics depict a captivating forest setting with breath-taking flora and fauna, trees and shrubbery, grassy hills and placid planes, palaces and stately manors all set below a clear blue sky. If your interest ever veered towards childhood and the intrigue of witches and warlocks, Witch Pickings is a clear reminder that such things, though interesting, are unreal.

Witch pickings is not available worldwide and players who can access its intricacies will relish the exclusivity it offers. It is a simple reel game with high pay-outs. The delightful music is a haunting melody that captivates and draws the player into its enchanting web. The trio of welcoming witches succours players to summon massive pay-outs by the use of their mind blowing magic.

Witches are we

An assortment of crystal balls, black cats, potions, witches and cauldrons can be found on the transparent reels. The Witches Wild symbol is the bubbling copper cauldron which unleashes a horrific stream of cash to ensure horrendous pay-outs. To fill the vacant spaces are letters and numbers that hold no significant value. Some horrific rewards include, but are not limited to, up to 1,000 for the maximum five/kind combo. There are also prizes awarded for two to four combinations. The witches, when they appear on the reel, are similar to the scatter feature and having three of these anywhere across the reel activates the witch’s bonus feature.

Red Blue and Green

Each witch possesses different powers that make player rewards very handsome. If you happen to engage the blue witch, you are rewarded through either the symbol prizes, symbols of the same or symbols stacked. If you happen to select the red witch, you activate the wild multiplier, the expanding wild feature and extra wilds to keep the interest up as the game goes on. For a simply designed game, the pay-outs are quite phenomenal. The green Witch allows both ways pay-outs and a whopping five extra free games.

For some extra added incentive, there are trophies which are awarded once a player reaches a certain milestone or is able to activate a special feature on multiple occasions. To start your journey through the witch’s kingdom, your wager is as little as €0,40. What is also impressive in this game is the little chant that can be seen appearing and disappearing at the bottom of the screen that taunts players into submitting to their deepest wishes, whether it is to become the most successful player or just have a fun time while scoring some cash.

The graphics are similar to a Disney movie, but realistically the pay-outs are not child’s play. Follow the witches through the green cobblestone path to riches beyond your wildest imaginations.

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